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 Child Friendly Attendance Policy

Mrs Hull is our school attendance Officer

Attendance Policy for Students of Northwick Park Primary and Nursery Academy

At Northwick Park the teachers want everyone to get the best out of their school time.

Children who attend School every day do better in school

and don’t miss out.


We should:

  1. Come to school every day. 190 days per year
  2. Be in school on time. 8:45 – 8:55AM

(Our school will help if there are any problems at home or school)


If you are ill you can stay at home but your parents or carers MUST call school before 9:30AM when you are off AND send a letter when you return to school.

Oval Callout: SICK!Ugh!

 If you don’t come to school, and there is no message, your parents get a call from the school office.



The only time you can stay off school is:

  1. if you are very ill,
  2. or have a medical appointment.

If you can’t make your appointment outside school time then you can still get you attendance mark by coming in to school before the appointment and afterwards!

Also there might be something exceptional that happens to prevent you coming to school. Mrs Lane will decide what to do about that!


You must not have a family holiday during term. Your parents will get a fine (pay money) or have a visit from a special Investigating Officer.


If your attendance is not good enough or if you are late too much the school will send letters home and will try to make a plan with you to make it better.


Excellent 99 – 100%

Satisfactory 95 – 98%

Unsatisfactory less than 95%


If you don’t come to school your parents could get into trouble.


Our Attendance Policy is also on our Policy page. You Follow this link if you woud like to read or download.

Attendance Policy.