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April Update 2

April Update 2


Parental Expectations

DfE guidance April 2020: Are schools expected to provide education as normal to pupils who are in attendance?

We understand that these are extraordinary times. The most important thing is that children of critical workers, and vulnerable children, are supervised and properly cared for at education settings. Schools have flexibility to provide support, activities and education in the way they see fit at this time. No school will be penalised if they are unable to offer a broad and balanced curriculum during this period.

Although it is important to continue to emphasise the importance of learning, it is also necessary to be realistic in our expectations of what pupils are likely to achieve at home. The circumstances of children vary widely, and most pupils will not have the same opportunities to share ideas and collaborate on work. For many parents and carers, they face the challenge of managing their children's education whilst trying to maintain their own workload. There may be several children in a family, each with their own needs, and the family may be sharing space, time and technology. Pupils may also have concerns about coronavirus or have been impacted by it directly, which may make it harder for them to concentrate on learning.


On 19th April, the Government issued further guidance for parents/carers which can be found here:

Children aged 2-4

Primary School Children


Despite the difficulties of this period, most children will have the opportunity to explore human connections and experiential learning that typical day to day life does not often afford. The chance for families to bond further and ‘co-explore’ during this time should not be any less of a focus than academic study.