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Attendance Newsletters

March 2018

Attendance for the whole school is currently 95.7%. We would like to finish the Academic year at 96% and would appreciate the support of the whole school community to achieve this.

Always call the school office if your child is absent for any reason. Unfortunately, Mrs Hull has to make several phone calls each day to parents that forget to inform the school when their child is away.

Supply medical evidence to support your child’s absence. This can take the form of an appointment card, a letter, a prescription or copy of the label on any medicine given.

If you have a planned absence, even for a day, please fill in a ‘Request for Absence’ form. You can collect this from the school office.

Please avoid taking holidays in term time. Holidays of 5 days or more may be subject to a Penalty Notice applied by the Local Authority.



Any leave of three days or more in the first two weeks of September may be subject to a Penalty Notice. Penalty Notices are £60 per parent, per child rising to £120 per parent, per child. (If PNs are not paid within the first 21 days.) If payment is not received after 28 days the local authority will proceed to prosecution.

Holidays in term time

We are legally unable to agree any holidays in term time unless the circumstances are exceptional. It is not beneficial for your child to miss school as it may impact on their attainment. Penalty Notices will be issued to any family who takes a holiday of 5 days or more.

Absences due to sickness

If your child is ill for a day or two a phone call or a letter will suffice as evidence for the Attendance Officer. If your child is away regularly or for a prolonged time, medical evidence will be required to support those absences. 10 unauthorised absences in a ten

Green, Amber and Red Attendance

Excellent Attendance         99 – 100%                     Green

Good Attendance                96 – 98%                      Green  

Cause for concern               91 – 95%                      Amber

Unsatisfactory                      87  - 90%                      Red

Serious Cause for concern 86%                              Red

Critical below                       85%                               Red

If your child has Red attendance you will have been contacted by the school and we should expect to see an immediate improvement.

This year our classes have been rewarded for good attendance by winning the Best Attendance trophy. Well done to the following classes.

September                       3C

October                            3C

November                        1VG

December                        1CK

January                             5JC

February                           1CK


Attendance Week

This will coincide with well-being week and will take place on the week back after the Easter Holiday. Week commencing 16th April. Each child will have the opportunity to complete an attendance diary and write about the positive things they do every day at school. Every child that completes 100% during that week will receive a certificate and be placed into a draw to win some prizes. Prizes include £25 Argos vouchers and complementary tickets for local attractions.

Attendance Challenge for Red and Amber group

In the half term between 16th April and May 25th the children with the greatest improvement in attendance will be invited to an afternoon tea with Mrs Hull. This will take place on our return to school after half term during the week beginning 4thJune. To make the event fair, children who have overcome medical problems and children with excellent attendance will be put in a draw to join us.


Did you know? – For every day your child is away from school they miss 5 hours of their learning. A child who has 95% attendance will have missed 47.5 hours of education over the academic year.

Any child with attendance of less than 90% is considered a ‘persistent absentee’ and will have lost more than 90 hours of learning.