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English Summer 1


For English, we would like to bake some biscuits to practice following instructions. We will also be using these skills in maths.

Some links to instructions:

If you are unable to make biscuits, use your imagination to create an imaginary biscuit. It could be a jelly, popping candy biscuit.


Writing Instructions

Choose one, two or all three of the following writing activities.

You can use the checklist below to remind you which features to include.


An example layout:


Write a review

Write a review of your biscuits.

Use the following subheadings to help you:

  • Taste
  • Presentation
  • Smell

Can you use adventurous vocabulary?

For example:

The biscuit has a delicious sweet, buttery taste that melts in your mouth. 

You may want to present it as a written piece of work, a Powerpoint or write it on a word document.

Create an advert

Advertise your biscuit.

Persuade people to buy your biscuits.

Your advert could be a poster, a recorded advert for the TV, a radio advert or an advert for a newspaper.

You may like to research adverts on the Internet first and magpie some of their ideas.


Can you include some of the following in your advert?

  • A title- give your biscuit a name.
  • A rhetorical question – Surely you don’t want to miss out?
  • A simile – The chocolate tastes as smooth as silk.
  • Alliteration – silky, smooth, sumptuous biscuits.