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Menu Week 1

Summer menu 2022

Week 1

Dates: 20/06 – 04/07 – 18/07 – 05/09 – 19/09


 Meat-free Monday

Tomato & basil pasta bake * with garlic bread*

Garden peas or mixed salad

Healthy fruit or yoghurt day*

Classic Tuesday

Chicken drumstick

Quorn southern style nuggets (vg)*

Savoury potato wedges, BBQ baked beans or coleslaw*

Sweet waffle* & maple syrup

Midweek Roast Wednesday

Roast beef in gravy*

Roast Quorn fillet (vg)* in gravy*

With roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding* & mixed vegetables

Ice cream tub* & biscuit*

Milkshake Thursday

 Breaded fishcake*

Fishless fish fingers (vg)*

With chips & peas or mixed salad

Iced or filled doughnut*

Grab a Bag Friday

Filled soft roll* (ham, chicken, or cheese(v))

Crisps, cake bar*

Chocolate treat* & fruit juice drink



ALLERY WARNING:  ** these items may contain 1 or more of the following ingredients: Wheat, Dairy, Soya or Eggs.                      

All meals subject to availability.                   Thank you.