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Childrens University Newsletter

Welcome to the Children’s University Newsletter!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support in Children’s University

The Essex Children's University™ is a part of the national Children's University™ organisation that provides 5 to 14 year olds with exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours.

School Children’s University Coordinators

Mrs Wright 


To become a member of Children’s University, children own a Passport to Learning. Passports are used to log hours the child have obtained at participating Learning Destinations.

To join Children’s University children will be issued with a provisional passport. On completion of 10 hours children will then be issued with a full passport.

When children complete these passports they must be brought into school where their hours will be banked and a new passport issued.

Lost passports must be reported to the school coordinators so that replacements can be issued. Only banked hours will be carried over.


Graduations are held twice a year at Cornelius Vermuyden School. The children will receive an invitation once they have collected 30, 65 and 100 hours. After the children have achieved these hours, they then attend a graduation for every 100 hours thereafter.

Intermediate awards of 30 and 65 are held in school, this includes 130,165 etc.…

Children’s University Links

  • Facebook page – Essex Children’s University
  • CU app



Children who have attended their graduation will have received a Children’s University pin badge as a celebration of their success!

Please encourage your child to wear this badge on the collar of their polo shirt at school so that others can congratulate them on their achievements.

Learning Destinations

Learning Destination can range from a museum to a farm or from an airport to a university, as long as the learning activity connects with study you can undertake at University for the `grown ups'. Learning Destinations display the CU Learning destinations logo prominently inside and outside their environment, clearly visible to children who may want to use their Passport to Learning. 

At a Learning Destination, Children's University students can get their Passport to Learning stamped so they can log their hours.

Places which provide Children's University validated learning activities and which are publicly accessible, such as museums, wildlife centres, castles, zoos, sports coaching, libraries, theatres etc. Children can also gain hours from school clubs.

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