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Collection of Children


Collection from School

  • Children will be collected from the School Halls by Club workers and safely escorted to the Busy Bears buildings.
  • All workers will be required to wear the Busy Bears uniform.
  • The escorts will have a list of children to be collected, and the children’s names will be checked off.
  • Escorts will leave only when they are satisfied they have everyone, so if you no longer require a place please telephone and cancel it.
  • All staff have relevant Police checks carried out.

Collection by Parents.

  • Parents must give, on the registration form, the names of all persons authorised to collect their child, and only persons named will be able to take the child unless previous arrangements in exceptional circumstances have been made known to the Supervisor.
  • The person collecting the child must only enter the Busy Bears through the security door, so that the Club Worker knows who is being collected and by whom.
  • Throughout the day the School gate will be locked and parents will have to contact Busy Bears or the School Office via the intercom to gain access.
  • Parents must notify the Supervisor about non-attendance of their child.
  • In the case of a parent/carer failing to collect the child, the Supervisor will call the parent or nominated contact to come to the Club and to take the child home. 
  •  Under no circumstances will children be allowed to go home by themselves.
  • If a parent is unreasonably late in collecting his/her child, except in extreme circumstances, a charge will be made.

No children will ever be left unsupervised when a parent/carer has failed to collect that child.


The Club keeps two registers:

  • An Information Register listing contact telephone numbers, doctors details, medical conditions etc.
  • A daily Register listing attendance of children in each session, and staff members who are working.
  • Both Registers are kept by the staff.   All information is held in confidence.