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English Summer 1


Year 3 English


In English this half term we are going to be looking at the story ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ to link in with our Rivers and Bridges topic.


Below are some English ideas for children to complete related to this story. Please do not feel you have to complete all activities in a day, they are to last you over the next couple of weeks:


  • Purple Mash- search ‘Three Billy Goats’ and use the tool to retell the story. Children can create their own story boards.
  • Children can write a character description for the Troll underneath the Bridge. Think about describing the character using your senses- what do they look, sound, smell, move and feel like? Can you include similes?


  • Can children change the Troll character to another villain that they have read in other fairy tales e.g. a dragon, drawing the new character and then labelling it with descriptive features e.g talons as sharp as razors.


  • Linking to our science topic ‘Light and Shadows’, could children make shadow puppets of the characters and retell the story using the sunlight in the garden.  This is a link to an ebook of the story. You can also use the one we have downloaded for you.


Also, please continue to read at home, perhaps you could share some pictures of you reading your favourite fairy tale stories or another book that you thoroughly enjoy reading.