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English Summer 2




Watch Zahra

  1. What is the message or moral of the story? Can you write a similar story set in England?
  2. What do you notice about the soundtrack? Create a similar soundtrack with household objects.
  3. Write a diary entry from the girl’s point of view – or for a challenge, from the tree’s point of view!

How does this story fit in with the traditions of African folk tales? Watch and research more stories for children, like Too Much Talk by Angela Shelf Medearis on YouTube.

Activity 2

See what a school day is like for a 9 year old in a poor African country here.

  1. Write a diary about her day

Write about the differences between your life and hers – or draw them.  


Activity 3

Research William Kamkwamba

  1. Watch his TedTalk
  2. Write a fact-file about him

Record your own TedTalk, explaining how to make one aspect of life better in some way.