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English Summer 3

English Activities

African Tinga Tinga project

Watch Tinga Tinga Tales on BBC iplayer, see link below if viewing online

Choose your favourite story then:

  • Create a story map, adding key vocabulary if you can
  • Retell the story using actions and key vocabulary
  • Plan your own African Tinga Tinga tale
  • Design characters in the same African style
  • Write your story
  • Produce as a mini book
  • Read to your family
  • Maybe you could film yourself reading your own book


Born Free English

Visit and try their activity packs – you don’t need to print these – can you answer the questions from the English pack?


African Travel Guide

Try and create a holiday brochure/guide for an African country.  Use to help you find out information.


African Pen pal Letters


Watch  Can you write a letter to Evangaline?  Make sure you tell her about yourself as well as asking her questions about herself.  Remember not to give personal details and to use the school’s address.