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English Summer 3



Practise your spellings from spelling shed – can you use the words in a sentence and handwrite it beautifully.

Read your reading book, the newspaper or an article from the internet that interests you, for 10 minutes at least every day.


Activity One

Last half term you practised your letter writing, but now we want you to write a letter for a particular purpose, linked to our topic.

Supermarkets buy their fruit and vegetables from farms in many other countries. You are a local farmer who would like the supermarket to buy your fruit and veg instead. Write them a letter to explain why this would be better than buying it from abroad.


Success criteria:

Opening paragraph –who are you and why are you writing?

Next paragraphs – choose 2 or 3 points to explain in detail that support your argument for buying locally eg. Cheaper transport costs, better for the environment, fresher produce, supporting local business, providing employment for local people.

Closing paragraph – request for action -what you want the supermarket to now? Sign off politely with yours sincerely.


Remember to include:

  • your address and date in top right corner
  • capital letters for names of people/places
  • paragraphs
  • full sentences that are grammatically correct.
  • conjunctions to add more detail to sentences
  • fronted adverbials


Activity Two


  • Write 10 sentences that begin with a fronted adverbial. Remember to use a comma to separate the fronted adverbial from the rest of the sentence and a full stop at the end. Underline the fronted adverbial.

 Eg. Early last week, I went for a walk in the woods.

  • We have attached some sheets that you might want to work on – you don’t need to print them – you can have them on your screen and write on paper.


  • Play a fronted adverbials game – using one fronted adverbial, how many different sentences can you think of – write them down or tell them to somebody at home. Who can come up with the silliest/ longest/ most interesting sentence starting with your chosen fronted adverbial?



Can you retell a story you know e.g. Red Riding Hood, starting each sentence with a different fronted adverbial? You could even play this in a group with your family, with each person adding the next sentence of the story. You could do this verbally, record on paper or film it!