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English Summer 3


Try some of the BBC bitesize grammar, punctuation and spelling activities.


Activity 1


Read the Tale of Peter Rabbit story (see attached PDF)

Create a warning poster

Imagine you are Mr. McGregor and you are fed up with the rabbits spoiling your garden! You decide to make a sign to put on your fence to warn the animals to keep out.

You could use a computer program or a piece of paper or card to design your poster.

  • Open the PDF - writing a warning sign.
  • Look at the example of the sign.
  • Use the word bank to help you.
  • You may want to draft your poster first.
  • Think about the size and style of writing you want to use.
  • Make sure important words and phrases stand out.

Activity 2

Persuasive writing

Make sure you have read the Peter Rabbit story on the PDF before you start this activity.

Imagine you are one of Peter’s sisters and you see him trying to creep out to Mr. McGreggors garden. Write down what you would say to him to Persuade him not to go.

You may want to record your writing on a piece of paper and decorate it, print off the writing frame on the PDF, make a PowerPoint presentation or record it as a video clip.

  • Have a look at the stay with us, Peter Rabbit PDF
  • Read the example
  • Use the word bank to help you write your own persuasive text.

Activity 3

Reading comprehension – Beatrix Potter

See attached PDF

  • There are 3 levels of reading difficulty.
  • Choose one (first is the easiest)
  • Print one off or read on screen and record your answers on a piece of paper.
  • Read then answer the questions.
  • Finally check your answers.

Activity 4

Create a fact file

  • Create a fact file about the importance of bees.

Research bees and find out about the important jobs they do.

Have a look at the fact file checklist. How many features can you include?

You can use the template we have included or you could create your own.

Challenge: can you include the bee life cycle?


Activity 5

Create a poster

  • Could you design a poster to advertise a wildlife garden?

Think about why people would want to come and visit your garden.

Challenge: could you use adjectives in your poster?


Below are some ideas of things to include and pictures to give you some inspiration.


  • Sunflower maze
  • Picnic area
  • Bug hotel
  • Insect shaped pond