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English Summer 3


In English this half term we are going to be looking at newspaper reports Below are some English ideas for children to complete. Please do not feel you have to complete all activities in a day, they are to last you over the next few weeks:

  •  Write a newspaper report about VE day, or homeschooling, the rainbow trail, clapping for the NHS or covid 19

  • Think of catchy headlines to grab the attention of your readers.

  •  Interview people in your house to get their opinions and use quotes from them in your report

  •  Include photos, or a drawing to accompany your story. Don’t forget to have a caption underneath

  •  Do a few different reports, then put them together to make your own newspaper

  •  You could include a sports report (football in your back garden, a story about Joe Wicks, Report on a bike ride)

  • You could include a home section with recipes you have made during your time at home

  • Maybe you could make a video news report, with a weather report!!

  • There is a PowerPoint/Pdf  that explains the main features of a newspaper reports to help with this topic.