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English Summer 4


Activity One

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Create a brochure advertising your theme park.  How will you persuade your reader to visit your park?

Think about headings and sub-headings that will grab the reader’s attention. 

Make sure your brochure is informative as well as bright and colourful!

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Activity Two

Imagine you have visited your theme park. Can you write a review to tell us all about the fantastic time you had?

Try to:

  • Grab the reader’s attention with an exciting opening sentence.
  • Write in first person; from your own viewpoint, using the pronoun I
  • Give details about key events from the day
  • Use time connectives
  • Use adjectives and adverbs to add detail
  • Use a rounding off sentence to signal the ending of your review – would you recommend that we visit?

Challenge:  can you upgrade the words fun, like and fast and use them in your review?


Activity Three

Will your Theme Park have a mascot?  Can you design a mascot for your park – use interesting words to write a character description – if you have a thesaurus or can access one on-line can you upgrade some of your descriptive words?

Activity Four

Try the Summer English activity pack.