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English Summer 5



Activity One

Image result for newsroundThere are lots of events taking place and it is important to be aware of what is happening in the world around you.  At school we had “Tuesday Newsday” and would watch Newsround and discuss the events on there. 

Image result for newspaperWe would like you to watch an episode of Newsround or visit their website and choose a news story to report on.  You could write a newspaper article or prepare a news bulletin for a live broadcast.  If you choose to broadcast, it would be great if an adult could record you and send it to us to watch.


Your report should include:

  • Headline
  • Past tense
  • Facts
  • Direct speech – quotes from the public or experts
  • Pictures and captions
  • Chronological order
  • Written in the third person – i.e. Jim walked across the bridge.

We have included a template if you would like to use it and some resources to support you with the task at the bottom of this page.

Activity Two 

Mental health and wellbeing is very important at the moment and will be something we will be focussing on when you return to school.  We’d like you to think about the word “happiness” and what it means to you.

Focus on the simple things, trying to avoid technology and materialistic items. 

Image result for happy emojiWhat makes Miss Mattey happy?  A morning cup of tea, reading my book before bed and listening to the Les Miserable soundtrack.

What makes Mrs Corbyn happy?  Peace and quiet, time with family and watching her son play football.

What makes Miss Leader happy? Chilling with her cat, watching West Ham win and being in a tidy environment.

Once you have come up with some ideas, you can:

  • Create a bookmark with them written on.
  • Write a poem
  • Make a poster
  • Write a song


Activity Three

Grammar task – Pronouns

Remember a pronoun is a word that replaces a noun in a sentence.

See the source imagee.g.

Mrs Corbyn sat at Mrs Corbyn’s desk and Mrs Corbyn worked on Mrs Corbyn’s   computer.

Mrs Corbyn sat at her desk and she worked on her computer.

Jack had a ball and Jack threw the ball.

Jack had a ball and he threw it.

We have attached a Pronoun workbook, please work through it.
















You may want to look at template examples for help



Download or copy the workbook and complete  the questions.