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English Summer 5


Home Learning Year 3



Activity 1 - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

  • Print or copy out the questions below.
  • Choose the correct option.
  • Read your answers aloud to check that they are correct.

Activity 2 – Comprehension

  • Print off or read on screen and record your answers on a piece of paper.
  • Read then answer the questions.
  • Finally, check that you are happy with your answers.


Activity 3 - Make a Seaside in a Jar


Think of a seaside place that you have enjoyed visiting. This could be on holiday, from a book/ brochure or somewhere you have spotted on a walk. Can you find/take a picture of it? If not, you could draw it. Role up and place into your jar as the background. Fill with some sand/ rice or objects to represent the seaside. You could even use some adventurous vocabulary to describe it!


Activity 4 – Instructional Writing

Now that you have made your seaside jar, could you create a set of instructions for someone to follow to make your jar? Remember, to be successful it must 

  • Include what you will need
  • Be in chronological order (the correct order for creating it e.g. 1à6)
  • Follow simple instructions
  • Use imperative verbs (bossy words like put, cut, place, stick)

You must read your instructions back and then pretend to follow them to make sure that you have not missed anything out. Give to a family member to recreate to see how accurate your instructional writing is.

Here is an example that you could follow


Activity 5 – Postcard Writing

Finally, use this inspiration to create a postcard. Ask family and friends if they have ever received a postcard and what was in it, what it looked like and who it was from. They may even have some examples to show you. Imagine you were in the place that you have created in your jar and write a postcard from there. Think clearly about the things that you may have seen, the experiences that you might have had and include how you are feeling. Are you enjoying yourself? Perhaps you’re feeling homesick and you are missing some of the people at home. Remember the features of a postcard.

You can use the template below

You must include

  • A picture (photo/drawing) on one side
  • Who it is to/ from
  • Date which it is sent
  • A stamp
  • Address of the person you are sending it to
  • Main text
  • Thoughts and feelings
  • Use personal pronouns like ‘I’ and ‘we’.

Could you include a rhetorical question at the end? E.g. Will I ever come back here again?