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English Summer 5




Activity 1 - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

  • Print or copy out the questions below.
  • Choose the correct option
  • Read your answers aloud to check that they are correct.



Activity 2- Comprehension

Night Garden


Activity 3 – Night Garden

Imagine what it would be like to sleep in the garden at night time.

Look at a range of pictures of tents, dens, gardens, woodlands, parks etc at night time. You may find pictures of these in books like Kipper or Percy the Park Keeper.

Nighttime garden and river 2011 (med) - Ethical Hedonist

Think about what comes out in the garden at night time. Does the garden hold secrets? Would we know what it was like unless we actually went out there at night time?

Can you draw a picture and think of some describing words to explain what it is like?


Activity 4- For and Against

Create or fill in the table provided with reasons for and against staying in the garden at night time.

Question- Should I stay in the garden at night time?




  • I could gaze at the starry, night sky.


  • I might get scared of any unexpected noises in the garden.






Did you have more for or against points? Would this help you to persuade someone to let you stay in a garden? Maybe you need to persuade someone that you do not want to stay in a garden.


Activity 5 – Persuade Someone

Write a letter to persuade someone to let you sleep in the garden at night time. Or if you have decided that you do not want to sleep in a garden, try to persuade someone to not stay in the garden.

Remember to include

  • Who it is to and from.
  • Give two sides of the argument - for and against sleeping in the garden (use words like but, however, on the other hand when comparing viewpoints).
  • Conclude with your choice and why you think it is important.
  • Be direct and to the point addressing the reader. E.g. You would have thought that....
  • Use modal verbs (must, should, could, would, might, will, shall). E.g. You should let me sleep in the garden at night time because.....
  • Re read your persuasive writing to check that it makes sense.

Finally, show it to your grown up. Were you successful in persuading them?