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Extra Activites Summer 1



As part of  ongoing work with schools across the Anglian Water region,  They are offering a suite of 12 STEM based lessons online that can be accessed by your children at home at no charge.

Water is essential to all life. The aim of the lessons is to help pupils think about water; how it is vital to life; what we need it for; where it comes from and how we can all use water wisely.

If you would like to investigate water and complete these fun activities please feel free to let us know by contacting us with your progress. You can go straight to their website or use the links and downloads we have made available for you with just a click on the link.



The lessons will (for the most part) follow a similar format:

  • Short introductory video/ talk or information sharing
  • Short investigation
  • Long challenge or activity (These have been designed so the children can access the activity with limited or no input from carers and guardians)

The first three sessions are now available.

Session 1 - The water cycle 


Session 2 - How do we clean water


Session 3 - Water use in your home

We will upload more as they become available.

If you have any questions or would like further information from an expert we can be contacted via or use your year group email.

These are extra activities that are available and you may wish to complete with your child.

Activity 1             Activity 4                   Activity 7                    Activity 10          
Activity 2 Activity 5 Activity 8 Activity 11
Activity 3 Activity 6 Activity 9 Activity 12