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Harry Potter Grammar



Nouns and Pronouns:

Underline the nouns and/or pronouns in the paragraph below. Use the first letter in each of the circled nouns or pronouns to spell out who the mystery person is.

Nouns: A treacherous troll was eating haggis with fried eyeballs,roasted watermelon, ice cream and zucchini.

Nouns and Pronouns: Nearby, an aardvark was duelling with a raccoon over a delicious dumpling. “This dumpling shouldn’t divide us!” said Mary, “blueberries and limes and eggs are spilling out of my den. Our extra radishes will be shared with everyone.”

The mystery person: ________________________________________________



Underline the verbs in the following paragraph. Use the first letter in each verb to spell out what they have hidden.

Harry Potter sprinted and hopped across the field clumsily. He had been savagely eating a pumpkin pasty when he realised a fierce Hungarian Horntail had barged through a broken fence. The Horntail had been eating a dead ferret but he threw it to the ground and lunged forwards towards Harry. Harry slowly eased back on his right foot then marshalled the creature towards the paddocks. He carefully opened the gate; the dragon nestled into the prickly grass and slept.

What is hidden: _______________________________________________



Underline the adjectives in the following paragraph. Use the first letter in each adjective to spell out where the treat is hidden.

The dangerous, eerie, silver-haired man was sitting suspiciously on a knobbly stool. His devious sidekick was as repulsive as he was agile. They greedily wiggled their warty noses, smelling the exotic bank notes they had swiftly stolen from the rural bank.

Where it is hidden: _______________________________________