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Maths Summer 3

Maths Activities

Animal Angles

Find or draw pictures of African animals can you find any of the following angles?


Born Free Maths

Visit and try their activity packs – you don’t need to print these – can you answer the questions from the maths pack?  Maybe you could try their other packs too?


African Currency

Can you find out about the currency in Africa – what is the value of the highest Zimbabwean currency note?  Try creating your own currency – what will you call your new currency?  Can you exchange your currency for English money – what is the exchange rate – maybe 100 or 1000 of your currency to the pound?  How much different items cost in your currency – can you convert this into pounds?


Maybe you could help to sort the food cupboards – make sure you ask permission first! - can you compare and order items using grams or millilitres?

Can you convert litres to millilitres/millilitres into litres?

Can you convert kilograms into grams/grams into kilograms?


Don’t forget you can practise your four operations at home. Ask someone to give you calculations or you generate your own numbers using a dice.