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Maths Summer 3


  • Continue to practise formal written methods for +, -, x and ÷.
  • Continue to practise times tables (this can be done using TT Rockstars and Maths Shed).


Area and Perimeter

Draw some rectangles- measure the sides and work out the perimeter (distance around the edge) by adding up the measurements. Calculate the area of the shape (space inside the rectangle) by multiplying the length by the width.


Watch the Spongebob Powerpoint and complete the Spongebob area and perimeter sheets that have been attached – have a go at the extension if you feel confident.


Look around your house. Make a list of any shapes that you can see – sort them into 2D (flat) and 3D. Can you identify and regular/irregular examples? Can you identify their properties?












You might be able to use some of the following vocabulary to describe your shape: parallel, perpendicular, right angled, acute, obtuse


Can you use the 2D shapes to create a picture? Can you find some empty boxes/packaging to create a 3D sculpture or model? Name the shapes you have used.





Find fractions of amounts of things in your house e.g. How many lego bricks/ sweets/ bricks/ shoes/ t-shirts have you got? Can you divide them in half? Into quarters? Thirds? etc.

How many is that?


Next time you have a pizza, can you divide it into equal pieces? How many can you make?


Can you write a recipe for a magic potion, using fractions to measure the ingredients e.g. half a cup of fairy dust.     

Complete the fractions of amounts worksheets – as in class, they get gradually trickier so decide if you are starting on sparkle, shine or glow and work through – if you get stuck, go back a step! You don’t need to print them – just record your answers on paper.