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Maths Summer 4



Basic Skills

Warm your brain up with some mental maths. See how much you can complete in 5 minutes.



Activity 1 – Estimating

Using different items to measure can help us with our estimating and counting skills.

Can you estimate how long your road/garden/pathway is?

You could guess in footsteps/ car lengths (pick a measurement which is appropriate for the length).

Could you estimate how long your road is in metres? You could draw a map of the roads surrounding you or your garden and estimate and measure certain parts of it.  

Activity 2 – Measurement Baking

A great way of practising our measuring is to bake. Why not see if you can help a grown up to bake a cake or even measure out your cereal for your breakfast. You could even estimate how much you think food items will weigh. You could use the recipe below from White Rose Maths to create pancakes. Don’t forget to add toppings – could you measure these out?  



Activity 3 – Shape

See if you can add in the 3D shape properties. Can you remember the meaning of faces/ edges and vertices?


face is a flat surface. An edge is where two faces meet. A vertex is a corner where edges meet. The plural is vertices.

Print or copy out the table below. You could even go on a hunt for these 3D shapes around your house as they may appear as ‘everyday objects’. You could also make shape posters with their properties.

Activity 4

Remember to continue to use Times Tables Rock Stars to continue to develop your mental times tables.

Activity 5

Could you or a family member create a weekly quiz for you or your whole family? Include questions involving addition and subtraction of up to 3 digits and 100 more/ 100 less than a given number.