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Maths Summer 4


Activity One

Theme Park Menu

Create a menu for your theme park’s café or restaurant.  How much will you charge for each item – make sure that your prices differ and are not all in whole pounds.

Ask members of your household to choose two, three or four different items – use your addition skills to total their items.  If they had £10/£20 could they afford all of their items?  Use your subtraction skills to find their change.

Image result for Kids Menu Pizza Templates


Activity Two

Play Four Ways

Using the rules:

Using + and/or –


With coins

Using ÷and/or x


+  -  ÷  x


Can you find ways to make different two-digit and three-digit target numbers? 

E.g. target 36

Using + and/or –



With coins



Using ÷and/or x



+  -  ÷  x





Activity Three

Try the summer Maths activity pack



Theme Park

Maths Problems



Activity Four

1) There are 7 roller coaster carts. Each car holds 8 people. How many people can ride the coaster altogether?

2) Three children go on a ride. It costs £1.75 per person. How much did it cost altogether? How much change would they get if they paid with a £10.00?

3) The year 5 teachers went to your theme park, Miss German and Mrs P-M went on the fastest roller coaster. It cost 99p each. Miss German loved it so much she rode on it twice!  How much did it cost them altogether? How much change did they get from £5?

4) Mrs Stevenson bought a bottle of water for 99p and a popcorn pot for 55p. How much change did she get from her £2 coin?

5) Mrs Carroll is in the queue for the carousel. A ride on the carousel costs £1.25.  She is fourth from the back and there are 24 people in the queue. How many people are in front of her?  What fraction of the queue will get to go on the ride before her?

6) How much money have the four teachers spent altogether?

Image result for roller coaster



Can you make up, and answer, your own maths problems based on your theme park?