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Maths Summer 5


Baz Wynter (@TTRockStars) | TwitterActivity One

Continue to practise your times tables.  You can use Times Table Rock stars or your Maths Shed account to practise.  Remember there are also lots of games online to help with times table skills at




Top Marks Link







Activity Two

We have attached maths revision packs that cover a lot of what you had learnt in maths in year 4. 

Work through the packs as much as you can and don’t worry if there is something you don’t understand.  We have included the answers to help out your adult. 



Activity Three

Create your own maths board games, you could:

  • Base it on a classic board game and change the rules e.g. instead of snakes & ladders using dice, make up cards with mathematical questions, the answer will determine how many spaces you move     
    (72 ÷ 12 = 6, you move 6 spaces).
  • Get creative, design a brand new game using a range of mathematical skills.

Don’t forget your game will need: 

  • A name
  • Rules
  • A list of equipment
  • Equipment



Maths   Revision Booklets

Booklets are available to download or view and copy out your answers.