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Maths Summer 5



Activity One

Take a maths walk.

Go for a walk with members of your household – make sure you stay safe – and see if you can find:

  • An obtuse angle, an acute angle and a right angle.  Try to estimate the angle of the acute and obtuse angles
  • Buildings, trees, flowers etc. with lines of symmetry – how many lines of symmetry do they have?
  • Different geometric shapes – can you think of other shapes e.g. pyramids

See the source image



See the source image



Try to find every type of triangle.


Challenge:  look at a tree, estimate the angle of every branch.




Activity Two


Try some of the activities from



Practice the four rules of number and try the attached summer number puzzles – hint:  if you are finding them tricky try going backwards and using the inverse operation.



Activity Three


Try making your own healthy fruit smoothie or fruit quencher drink.  Make sure you check with an adult first and ask if they will supervise you/help you if you need to use a sharp knife or blender.  You could create your own recipe or try the recipe from English activity three:

Please don’t post anything online (as suggested at the end of the clip).


If you create your own recipe make sure you measure liquid in millilitres (ml) and fruit in grams (g); make a note of the measurements. 

Image result for fruit punchMaybe you could conduct a mini survey first to see which flavours your household think would work well together.


How many people does your fruit quencher serve?  Change the amounts to make a drink for one person, or five people – or more!  Remember to convert to kilograms and litres for larger amounts.


Let us know what delicious flavour combinations you find – make sure you tell us how many g or ml of each ingredient we need so we can try them for ourselves- YUM!


Activity Four


Create your own maths game.  Think carefully about an area of maths you would like to improve; are you going to create a game to help with mental maths strategies, fractions, times tables, shape, time, money or a different area of maths?

Image result for homemade time maths gamesImage result for homemade maths gamesImage result for homemade maths games                                        Image result for homemade time maths games

Could you use empty egg boxes to create a times tables game or draw a multiplication and division snakes and ladders board?  Maybe you could use Lego to make a fractions game, or make  a times tables memory matching cards game, perhaps you could you chalk a clock in your garden (check with your adult first) and jump through times -  your game might not need any resources at all – we’d love to see/hear about your ideas. 


Play your maths games with your household – we hope you have fun with them!