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Maths Summer 5


Home Learning Year 3


Basic Skills

Warm your brain up with some mental maths. See how much you can complete in 5 minutes.

Activity 1 – Seaside Word Problems

Answer the questions below. Remember to highlight key aspects of the question and decide which operation/s you will need to use to answer the questions. You may use jottings to answer your questions.


Activity 2 – Fractions

Heads or Tails?

Everything you need to know about the new pound coin - and when ...

Use 10 coins and flip each of them.

What fraction landed on heads/ tails?

Can you predict how many you will get of each?

Can anyone manage to flip all 10 coins to land on heads/tails?

Activity 3 – Multiplication Cards

Choose your times table/s.

Record times table questions on cards. I.e. if you wanted to do 3 times 4 create a card with 3 and 4 on.

Get a piece of paper (or use the template provided) to create 3 columns and create an X sign to go in the middle column.





Put your cards face down. I.e. 3 goes to the left of the X and the 4 goes to the right of the X. 

Each player turns two cards (one from each side of the X) and multiplies them together.

First person to shout out the answer wins the pair.

The player with the most cards wins.

Activity 4

Remember to continue to use Times Tables Rock Stars to continue to develop your mental times tables.

Activity 5

How did your weekly quiz go last week? Could you or a family member create another weekly quiz for you or your whole family? Include questions involving multiplication and division this week and doubling and halving numbers.