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Menu Winter Week 2



Set dinner menu

Week 2

Dates:  9/11 – 23/11 – 7/12 – 11/01 – 25/01 – 8/02

Pasta Monday

Pork ravioli* in a rich tomato sauce & garlic bread

 jelly pot & a carton drink

Round the world, Tuesday

Indian takeaway

Mild chicken curry with special rice & naan bread*

Frozen fruit smoothie & a drink carton

Pie of the week Wednesday

Mini steak pie*, mashed potato* & mixed vegetables

Chocolate marshmallow teacake* & a drink carton

Packed lunch Thursday

 Battered Chicken nuggets* with dipping sauce

Bag of crisp, a biscuit snack bar* & a drink

Burger Friday

Breaded fish burger* in a bun*

Corn on the cob & tartare sauce

Reduced fat sugar doughnut* & milkshake* carton


Please note: This is a set menu

Vegetarians and religious reasons will be catered for upon request.

If an alternative is required for MEDICAL REASONS a written confirmation of the allergy/medical need from your child`s GP, dietician or another medical professional will be requested. This is to ensure that children are not having foods removed from their diet without a diagnosed medical reason.   

** these items may contain 1 or more of the following ingredients: Wheat, Dairy, Soya or Eggs.    

Thank you.