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Menu Week 1

Week 1

Dates:  22/04 – 06/05 – 20/05- 10/06 – 24/06

 Meat Free Monday

Quorn nuggets* & potato puffs

 wholewheat spaghetti hoops*


Classic Tuesday

Butter Chicken Curry * & Rice

(Katsu Quorn Curry*(v) & Rice)

Garlic naan* & peas

Frozen fruit smoothie*

Midweek Wednesday

Sausage & hash browns

(meat free sausage & hash browns)

& baked beans

Fruit or yogurt pot*

Milkshake Thursday

Breaded fish square*

(Breaded vegetable fingers* (vg))

With chips & peas/sweetcorn medley

Iced or filled doughnut*

Grab a Bag Friday

 Filled soft roll* ( ham, chicken or cheese v )

Bag of crisps, cake bar*

 & a carton of fruit juice

** these items may contain 1 or more of the following ingredients: wheat, dairy, Soya, or eggs.                      

All meals are subject to availability.                   Thank you.