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Menu Week 2


Autumn menu 2018

Week 2

Dates: 30/09-28/10-18/11-9/12-20/01


Meat-free Monday

A warming bowl of tomato soup with

A cheese filled roll

Fruit Yoghurt


Round the world, Tuesday

Taste of the Caribbean

Jerk Chicken with Rice & Peas


Homemade Jamaican Ginger Cake


Midweek Roast Wednesday

Roast Beef in Gravy

Roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding & mixed vegetables

With Chocolate pudding & Chocolate custard


Teacher’s Choice Thursday

Mrs Lane`s in a dash grab a bag

Ham or Tuna filled roll

Potato faces with corn cob or veggie fingers

Blueberry muffin & carton of fruit juice


Fishy Friday

Breaded Fish Nuggets & Tomato Sauce

Gastro chunky chips & peas

Chocolate cracknel & milkshake


Selection of fruit squash, fresh milk, or water are available daily. All meals subject to availability.