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Menu Week 3

Winter menu 2020

Week 3

Dates:  10/02 – 9/03 – 30/03 – 4/05

Meat-free Monday

Battered Quorn dippers

Mini waffles, sweetcorn or coleslaw

Mandarins & cream

Round the world, Tuesday

“Taco Tuesday “

Beef chilli carne with Taco shell

Baked Beans or Salad

Strawberry jelly pot

Midweek Roast Wednesday

Roast Chicken with gravy

Roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding & mixed vegetables

With Homemade jam & coconut sponge & custard

Children`s Choice” Thursday

“Leo Jones 4RM “

Wedge of cheese & tomato pizza

Onion rings or baked beans

Slice of Artic roll ice cream

Favourite dish Friday

Battered fish fillet, chips & peas

Triple choc chip shortbread square

  With milkshake


Selection of fruit squash, fresh milk, or water

Available daily

All meals subject to availability

Vegetarian option available upon request