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Menu Winter Week 1



Winter menu 2020/21

Set dinner menu

Week 1

Dates:  2/11 - 16/11 – 30/11 - 4/01 – 18/01 - 01/02

Meat-free Monday

Quorn “chicken” nuggets*

Mini waffles & spaghetti hoops*

Fruitypot & a carton drink

Round the world, Tuesday

English seaside’s treat

Battered Fish fillet*, chips & mushy peas

Vanilla ice cream* & a drink carton

Midweek mini Roast Wednesday

Turkey meatballs* in gravy*

Roasted diced potatoes, mini Yorkshire pudding & veg

Blueberry muffin & a drink carton

Packed lunch Thursday

 Ham & cheese Panini

Bag of crisp, a biscuit snack bar & a drink

Burger Friday

Beef burger in a sesame bun

Corn on the cob & Tomato sauce

Reduced fat chocolate doughnut & milkshake carton


Please note: This is a set menu

Vegetarians and religious reasons will be catered for upon request.

If an alternative is required for MEDICAL REASONS a written confirmation of the allergy/medical need from your child`s GP, dietician or another medical professional will be requested. This is to ensure that children are not having foods removed from their diet without a diagnosed medical reason.   

** these items may contain 1 or more of the following ingredients: Wheat, Dairy, Soya or Eggs.      

  Thank you.