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Music and The Arts

Welcome to the Arts Update page here you will find all your practise music and details.

At Northwick Park, we believe that all children should be entitled to a broad and rich arts curriculum.  Early access to the arts allows the children to develop though a variety of different mediums, regardless of their background or ability.  We endeavour to provide the children with a range of experience, both in appreciating and creating the arts.  


A creative approach to school life allows the children to express themselves in their work and to be able to present what they are learning and discovering in a way that is relevant to themselves and their peers.  They learn the importance of aesthetic value and inter-personal skills that will be invaluable in their adult lives.


‘I feel like the arts are such an important part of how we understand ourselves, how we laugh at ourselves, how we make sense of reality. Listening to a record that you love, reading a novel that you love – it connects you more forcibly into life. For your mental health, it’s extremely important that people are accessing that part of themselves, tuning into other people’s creative expression, expressing themselves.’

Kate Tempest, The Guardian, November 2016

WebLink to document:

[PDF]ImagineNation - Cultural Learning Alliance


This document is also available for you to download.