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08 Dec Wednesday 1CR - 1F - 1L - RJA Christmas singing
09 Dec Thursday

RAK Christmas singing

Parent Consultations Y1-2-3-6 

10 Dec


Christmas Jumper Day

13 Dec Monday

Y3-4-5-6 Christmas Dinner

Nursery PM Christmas Dinner

KS2 Santa Run

14 Dec Tuesday

KS1 Christmas Dinner

Nursery AM Christmas Dinner

Daycare Christmas Dinner

Nursery - YR -KS1 Santa Run

15 Dec Wednesday   YR-1-2 Parties
16 Dec Thursday

Y1-2 Church Visit

Y3-4-5-6 Parties

Last Day for Nursery Children

04 January Tuesday

School Re-opens

Busy Bears Open 07.15-6pm

Book Children to ensure space