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News & Events




02 Jan Thursday Busy Bears Re-open 07.15-6pm
06 Jan Monday School re-open 08.45
24 Jan Friday Australia Day Y2 only
27 Jan Monday Reading Cafe Reception
28 Jan Tuesday Reading Cafe Y1
29 Jan Wednesday Reading Cafe Y2
30 Jan Thursday Reading Cafe Y3
31 Jan Friday Reading Cafe Y4
04 Feb Tuesday Young Voices Event 
05 Feb Wednesday Reading Cafe Y5 and Y6
11 Feb Tuesday Safer Internet Day
28 Feb Friday Instrumental Sharing Session
02 -06 Mar Week Book week
03 Mar Tuesday

Bedtime Stories Rec-Y1-Y2

SATS Parents Meetings

Y6 -9.00am/2.00pm/6.00pm

05 Mar Thursday World Book Day
09-13 Mar Week Book Fair
26 Mar Thursday Round House Trip Y3