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04 December Tuesday Y5 Viking Day
07 December Friday

1.30 Christmas Decorations Afternoon

Y3+4 Choir to Canvey Celebration

10 December Monday

Christmas Post Opens

Raffle tickets go on sale

Parent Consultations YR,Y2,5+6

11 December Tuesday

Reception Performance

Parents Consultations 1.30-6.00 Y1,3+4

Deans Y2

Chamber Choir at St Nicholas Church

12 December Wednesday Y1+2 Carol Concert and
13 December Thursday

Busy Bears Christmas Party

Y1+2 Christingle St Nicholas Church

14 December Friday

Christmas Jumper Day + Y3+4 Carol Concert

Y3 Singing at SweetBriars

YR,1+2 Christmas Raffle

17 December Monday

Y3,4,5+6 Christmas Parties

Christmas Dinner YR, 1,2+ Nursery

18 December Tuesday

YR,1 +2 Christmas Parties

Nursery Singing 10.30 and 2.00

19 December Wednesday

Pantomime Yr 1 and 2

Ks2 Christmas Dinner + Raffle

Nursery Parties and Nursery Closes

20 December Thursday School Closes usual time.
07 January Monday School Opens usual time