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News Summer 2

A little message from your teachers:

Firstly, we hope you are all well and have had some opportunities to enjoy the lovely weather that we have been having.  We have been busy trying to complete all of the challenges we set you.  What was your favourite ?  Did you find some tricky? Please ask a grown to let us know via email:

We couldn't decide which challenge was our favourite but we enjoyed being a 'go for it gorilla' and giving them a try, see our photos attached.  We have included another challenge sheet for you and look forward to hearing all about it, or maybe seeing some photos or drawings.  Don't forget to colour in your rainbow and maybe you could ask if you can put them in your windows to show your support for all the people who are helping us until we can all return to school.


We hope the name and number writing has been going well and that you have been trying hard to keep your tall letters tall and sitting on a line.  We don't want all our letters floating away, do we?  It is so important that you continue to work on this at home as we do not want you forgetting the letters or the order of the letters in your name.  We have attached a game for you which will hopefully help you to remember this.  Can you find the letters in your name and do all the different things on the sheet, in the correct order ?  If you have a brother or sister maybe they can join in too or your grown ups?  Can you spell any other words ?  Let us know how you find this ?  For those of you with long names we hope you do not wear yourselves out too quickly.


They are adding new and exciting educational programmes, games and activities on-line everyday.  Please share any good ones that you are enjoying or you would like to recommend to your friends.   We will be tuning into CBeebies bedtime stories this week and listening to a new story every night.


Work hard, play hard and please keep listening to your grownups and stay safe.

We miss you all and we hope to see you all really soon.


I have particularly enjoyed the orange challenge.  I have been getting up and doing some exercise each day.  It was really nice to be able to do some in the garden at the weekend with the sun shining however this week it looks like I will be doing it indoors due to the rain. 


I enjoyed creating a den the most! I enjoyed hunting for items around my house that I could use to create my den. I then used two chairs and a large blanket to make the structure of my den. I decorated my den with lots of Disney items (Miss Gillbe's favourite) and spent the evening watching films and eating lots of food! Hope you enjoyed taking part in the activities!

I have loved the Purple Challenge and have made sure I have had a dance every single day! It’s good to have some exercise every day. If I feel like challenging myself I put on Jumpstart Jonny who has some free videos on his website.