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News Summer 3

Summer 3

Hi Year 1 parents and children,

Some of us are back at school now and we have been having lots of fun. Our classrooms look quite different but we are really enjoying having our own tables and chairs and our own pack of equipment. We are gradually getting used to being back at school and have some new routines.

 In maths we are focussing on our number formation, place value and the four operations (+ - x and ÷).

Our topic this half term is ‘Castles’. We are starting our topic by watching ‘Shrek’ and comparing the castles in the film. This is also helping us to identify the features of castles and is helping us to understand the kinds of fictional characters that live in castles before we look at who lived in castles in our actual history. We will be using our English lessons to continue practising our super sentence writing but also to encourage us to use interesting and descriptive language when writing about our castles.

We are doing lots of creative things as we have enjoyed this so much at home. We are going to be making our own castles, making sure we are including all of the features we have learnt. We will be designing shields and armour with our family crests and learning medieval dances in PE.

We hope you’re still having lots of fun and are enjoying your time at home.

We really look forward to seeing you when the time comes.

Stay safe,

Miss Andrews, Miss Dickinson and Miss Gardner