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News Summer 3-4

To Reception children learning from home... Summer 3-4


This week your friends have been learning about how to stay healthy.  We know you have probably learnt all about the importance of hand washing but we have explored other ways to keep healthy.






We have shared the stories 'Carrot Club' and 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' maybe you could do the same.  Discuss the foods that the hungry caterpillar ate.  Can you say which food was healthy and which food was not?

We also did lots of activities to practise our maths skills, from counting to adding, subtracting, patterns and we even looked at shapes in relation to different foods.


As well as eating healthily it is important to take care of our teeth too.  What do you do to keep your teeth clean?  Can you draw pictures to show the different steps you take when brushing them?

Remember, we really do like to see the learning activities you do at home, so please take photos and email them to us at

Don't forget to keep reading at home, practise writing your full name and numbers to 20 and most importantly have fun learning!






You can view the you tube video and sing along: