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Northwick Wellbeing Newsletters

We are currently completing the final stages of the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS) and we should be ready to undertake the assessment process later this term. Last half term we carried out pupil and staff surveys and below you can see some of the results of the surveys and how we have acted upon the voices of our pupils and staff. All parents/carers will receive an email later this term asking them to complete a survey about wellbeing in the school. It will be an online survey that will not take long to complete but we need to get a 50% response rate to achieve the award.

Reception and Key Stage 1

The results of the survey showed that 10% more children said they enjoyed playtimes. This was up to 90% from 80% in our previous survey.       

In our last survey 80% of children said they liked how their classroom looked. This has risen to 91% in the most recent survey.

73% of children said they read at home. Please try to read at least 3 times a week with your child.    

Year R  

We only surveyed a sample of Reception but from that sample 100% said they liked going to school and that they feel safe at school. They also all said they enjoy lunchtimes. When asked what would make lunchtimes better we had a range of answers including tea with sugar!

Many of the children said that they would like some more toys/equipment to play with at lunchtimes so we have organised buying some new things for them to use on the playground.

Year 1

96% of the children asked said that they always feel safe at school and the same percentage said that they enjoy playtimes and lunchtimes. They have asked for some more equipment to use on the playground which we are organising for them.    

Year 2                                              

 91% of children in Year 2 would speak to an adult in school if they had a problem or a worry. 

92% said they always or mostly enjoy playtimes.  However, they have said that they would like some new equipment to play with on the playground and so we have ordered them some new playground toys.


There is a range of helpful information on our school website that is updated regularly. You can find a directory of support services, ideas and activities for wellbeing and our wellbeing strategy that details our plans for wellbeing across the school community.

WOW Wednesday for KS1

Many of the children said they would like to be able to play big group games on the playground. Each Wednesday lunchtime, the Playground Friends and an adult will be organising a group game on the playground that the children in that bubble can join in with.


78% of the pupils said they always have good relationships with the teachers.

81% enjoyed our Wellbeing Week in September and were able to list a range of activities they enjoyed participating in.

Only 1% of the children in Years 3 to 6 said that they never enjoy playtimes at school.

The most popular answer for improvements at playtime and lunchtime was to make it longer!

Year 3

76% of the Year 3 pupils always enjoy playtimes. They offered a range of suggestions about how we could improve playtimes and lunchtimes including having our own zoo! We have agreed to buy them more equipment to play with outside including some football goals.   The Year 3 teachers are also going to try to include more yoga and reading in their relaxation sessions which is what the children asked for.            


Year 4

81% of Year 4 could name an adult in school that they felt confident speaking to if they had a problem or concern. The other children felt more confident talking to an adult at home. The majority of Year 4 children always enjoy playtimes but they have asked for some new equipment to play with outside.        To help them relax in school the children would like more opportunities to do mindfulness colourings or reading.


Year 5

93% of Year 5 pupils said they would talk to an adult in school if they had a problem or were worried.             Only 1% of the year group said they never enjoy playtimes and the Year 5 children seem to enjoy being on the MUGA and did not have many improvements to offer.   The children were able to identify activities that help them to relax and would like more opportunities for mindfulness colouring.

Year 6       

All children in Year 6 either always or sometimes like playtimes. Lots of the children said they liked playtimes and lunchtimes as it is now but there were some suggestions for improvements, including a zip line and a swimming pool! We have listened to the children and will try to organise for them to have tennis equipment outside more often.    84% of Year 6 really enjoyed wellbeing week and the activities they did. They have asked that they could do more mindfulness colouring in their relaxation time in class.


Last term we celebrated the hard work of all of our staff by having a Staff Appreciation Day. The cakes went down very well! Whilst the children enjoyed their Christmas raffle the staff were all entered into a raffle for a donated hamper. This term we look forward to restarting our staff breakfasts in bubbles.  



Top Tips

Every Mind Matters on the NHS website has information for parents and carers about looking after a child or young person’s mental health.


As an academy, we are very proud to be taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week. More details to follow.