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Hello Everyone!

We hope that you are still enjoying the lovely weather we are having on most days and are still managing to have lots and lots of fun together. 

We hope that you are all still being really good at home for your mummys and daddy’s and being really helpful especially with things like tidying up.  We know how good you are at doing that in the Nursery so hope that you are trying your hardest at home too!

Things still seem really weird not seeing you all and are missing you all even more.  We are hoping with all of our fingers crossed that things will go back to normal once it is safe and we all get to be together at Nursery again! 

We have created a new set of activities for you to try out but you might need a grown up to help you with some of these. 

We have absolutely loved seeing all of your amazing pictures and work you have sent us so please don’t forget to keep sending us all of your lovely photographs to our nursery email address.

Please stay safe and healthy and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will see you all soon.


Everyone at Nursery.