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Online Safety

                                              Activities for 5-7s 

Activity 1: Watch Jessie & Friends, Episode 2

  •  Find the Jessie & Friends cartoons at:                                                    
  •  Watch Episode 2: Sharing Pictures with your child.
  •  Use questions to chat about the cartoon. For example:
  •  How did lots of people end up seeing the pictures?
  •  What made Mo feel sad?
  •  How did the friends get help when they needed it?
  •  What did Miss Humphrey say she would do to help?
  •  Finish by watching the song again and having a sing-along!

Note: If your child wants to watch Episode 1 too, do watch it with them! It’s aimed at younger children, but it’s still fun to watch.

Activity 2: Draw a character
 Ask your child to draw a picture of their favourite character singing the funny tummy song.
 Ask them to include their favourite lyrics from the song on their drawing.
 We’d love to see your work! If you like to share a photo of your child’s picture. Artwork only please! Do not share your child’s name or any pictures of your child. You can send to your Year group email.

Thinkuknow is the online safety education programme from the National Crime Agency. Once a fortnight, On Tuesdays, we will produce an activity sheet to help you support your child while schools are partially closed.
You’ll find lots of support and advice for parents an carers on keeping your child safe online at: