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APRIL 2021


On Friday I met with our MP Rebecca Harris to discuss the ongoing issues with congestion at the front of the school.  We hope to be able to make some small improvements.  In the meantime, I am asking parents again not to park on the double yellow/zig zag lines or use the entrance as a turning place.


Please continue to return your Ballot Papers.  I would like to thank the six parents who have applied for the role of Parent Governor.  The closing date for the return of Ballot Papers is Monday May 17th.


For the health of our children, please can adults refrain from smoking just outside the school gates!


We have been learning about different pets as part of ‘National Pet Month’ and we even got a visit from ‘Shelby and Sheldon’ the tortoises that live with Mrs Philips. It has been the month of birthdays including that of our Royal Majesty, The Queen.   This gave us the opportunity to learn all about her role and what it must be like being the Queen.  We have also celebrated ‘World Earth Day’. We learnt all about the planet and what we can do to save it.  

The Reception children have all begun recycling the fruit that is left over from snack and are now monitoring what they are putting in our classroom bins.  We are all very keen to help our planet and the animals that live on it. 


In Year One, our classrooms were turned into a circus to launch our Minibeast topic inspired by the film ‘A Bug’s Life’. When we arrived at school we received our circus ticket. We walked through the lobby to choose our snacks and drinks. We then entered the circus cinema to watch ‘A Bug’s Life’. As it was a beautiful day, we had a picnic outside with all of our friends. We also created Minibeast Circus Art, and Circus Music. We were lucky enough to turn

the hall into a carnival, we practised lots of circus skills and even had a bouncy castle for our PE session! It was so lovely to see the children’s imaginations come to life and the creative work that they are producing due to their enthusiasm for our new topic!


Year 2 have been very busy since returning to school after Easter. We have been active in PE practising different athletic skills and improving our fitness by completing circuits. In our topic, ‘Let’s get Muddy’, we are learning about animals and their babies and different habitats. We are looking forward to learning about extinct and endangered animals over the next few weeks. 


In Year 3, we have been learning about athletic events in sports. We have been practicing different track and field sports, such as running and walking, jumping and throwing, ready for a mini Olympics at the end of the half term! The three classes will go head to head in lots of races and competitions. In our topic lessons, we have been learning all about the rivers and seas in and around the United Kingdom. We have learnt which countries make up the United Kingdom and created our own fact posters about the River Thames! We have learnt the important of the Water Cycle, remembering the key vocabulary from a very catchy song!


Year 4 have been exploring atlases and learning about the different continents of the world. We've learnt about climate, biomes, and animals' habitats.  The information we are collecting is now being written up to create our very own encyclopaedia of facts.  Science fiction is the theme in English for year 4 at the moment.  We have been discovering the moon Pandora, from the Avatar film, and have written excellently to describe the settings, creatures, and humanoids.  This is all in preparation for us to write our own sci-fi narratives.


In year 5, the children have been enjoying their new topic, Africa. In art lessons, the children have been creating their own African animal tribal patterns. During their indoor PE lessons, the children are creating their own African tribal dance and in afternoon lessons, the children are learning about Africa and the countries within the continent.  


Since returning from the Easter break, Year Six have been enjoying extending their writing through the medium of Harry Potter.  In design and Technology, the children have designed and constructed their own wands and chose to make broomsticks during Forest School sessions.  We have continued to investigate the features of rivers and mountains and researched the process of the water cycle in order to write an explanation text.  In the coming weeks, the children will learn about the circulatory system and the human body of Science and PSHE.

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY (Details to follow)

Mon 3rd May      - Bank holiday – school closed

Thur 6th May      - School closed for staff training          Busy Bears open

Mon 17th May    - Relationship and sex education  sessions for parents of pupils in

                            Year 6 (Zoom)

Mon 31st May to Fri 4th June     - School closed for half term

                                                          Busy Bears open Tuesday – Friday

Mon 7th June to Fri 11th June   - Year 1 and 2 ‘Lets get outdoors

                                                         week’ – details to follow


Thur 10th June    - Class photos


Mon 14th June to Thur 17th June - Year 3 and 4 ‘Lets get outdoors week’ – details to follow


Fri 18th June and Mon 21st June     - School closed for staff training 

                                                              Nursery open

                                                            Busy Bears Holiday Club open

                                                              7.15am – 6.00pm


Tue 22nd June to Fri 25th June   - Year 5 ‘Lets get outdoors week’ –

                                                               details to follow