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Reading Cafe

The Reading Cafe

After their success last term, the Reading Café is opening again. All education research shows that children who read regularly out of school achieve better in school. As a parent I understand how difficult it can be to read with your child and that sometimes they just won’t do it! So we are here to help!!

The café will be open in the small hall from 2.30pm to 3.30pm (dates for year groups below). You are invited to come and eat cake and read with your child, we have purchased some amazing new books that you will be able to choose from. For children who do not have a parent/adult able to attend, they will read for pleasure with their teacher in their classroom.

We will be sending the form asking who is attending one week before each year groups café session.

These reads will count towards their 3 times weekly read. Younger children are welcome but not siblings who are in school: they must attend with their year group. If you wish your child to attend with someone other than their parent, we must be informed in advance in writing by filling in the attached form, max of two children to an adult. Children will not be allowed to leave school before the end of the afternoon but can go home straight from the hall at 2.55.

Reception Mon 12th March

Year One Wed 14th March

Year Two Thurs 15th March

Year Three Fri 16th March

Year Four Mon 19th March

Year Five Tue 20th March

Year Six Fri 23rd March

We will be holding our own usual book exchange after school on Wednesday 28th March. We are collecting donations of books (adult and children’s) from now.