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Welcome to Reception!

The teachers this year are: Mrs Moore, Miss Gillbe and Mr Keys.

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Phillips, Miss Whiskin, Mrs Wilkin, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Smith, Miss White, Mrs Pennell, Miss Treen (Trainee Teacher).

In Foundation Stage there are seven areas of learning that will be covered in the inside and outside curriculum. The seven areas of learning are: Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding of the World, Expressive Art and Design.

Please check the red ‘Reception’ message board daily for any updates, news or information.  This is located opposite Miss Gillbe’s door by the percussion park.


As a school we like to encourage a love of books and reading.  We build upon the process that was started in Nursery by continuing to send home story books to share together.  Alongside this, your child will be given a book from our school reading scheme.  Initially this will be a picture book, so please spend some time encouraging your child to look at the pictures, talk about what they can see and make predictions about the story.  It would also help us if you could write a short comment in their diary so that we know that they have read at home.  

Reception’s reading café will be on Monday 14th October at 2:30, this is an opportunity to share some stories together!


The children will have opportunities to cook and food taste throughout the year. We ask for a contribution of £2.00 at the beginning of the year to cover the costs of this.

Please ensure that this is paid in full by Friday 4th October in a named envelope and handed to the class teacher.


The children will be given a reading book to share with you at home. Please write in their yellow reading record when they have read.  We encourage children to read as much as they can, we recommend at least three reads a week.  Once they have read their book at home they can change it for a new book when they read with an adult in school.  All classes compete to win the ‘Reading Bear’ in assembly and your child will need to read three times a week to be included.

The children will also be expected to begin to learn High Frequency words to support their reading, these will be sent home in a blue word book later this half term.

The children will receive weekly Topic homework that will start from October half term.


The children will have PE on: Thursdays

Please ensure your child has a PE kit that remains in school.

The PE kit should contain:

  • A named bag
  • Round neck t-shirt (red or white)
  • Black shorts

The children do not need plimsolls at this stage.

Jewellery, including earrings should not be worn for PE.

Please note that we are not allowed to remove earrings or cover them with tape.

Packed lunches

Just to remind you we are a healthy school and we encourage children to eat a healthy lunch. Please be aware that fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate bars are not allowed.

Please remember that the children MUST NOT bring in any food that contains nuts due to children and adults suffering from severe allergies .

Every child in Reception is offered a piece of fruit in the morning and milk or water in the afternoon.


We will be going to see a pantomime at the Towngate Theatre on Monday 2nd December. The pantomime letter was sent home on Tuesday containing all the relevant information. 

We will also be visiting Colchester Zoo in the summer term to see our adopted animals.

Reminder if your child is registered for free school meals at the office then there is not any charge for school trips.

Sponsored Bounce

See separate letter.


If your child requires medication (this includes inhalers), please ensure these are named and are taken to the school office.

Open door policy:

At Northwick Park we operate an open door policy. Teachers will be on the door for any messages that you need to relay. Please inform us of any changes as to who is picking your child up from school.

Don’t forget Busy Bears is available before and after school, between the hours of 7.15am and 6pm for your child. 

Please ensure you make Busy Bears aware if they are attending.

Learning Journeys

As children tend to develop rapidly during this year we will be documenting their ‘Learning Journey’ within school.  This will include pieces of work, photographs, drawings, pieces of homework etc.  Please feel free to send things in that your child has done to build up these journeys. 

WOW Moments are things that your child does that are special to them. These could be:

  • Getting dressed for school independently.
  • Being brave at the dentist
  • Eating vegetables
  • Trying something new to eat

We have sent home a sheet of WOW moments but please ask your child’s class teacher if you need more.

Water Bottles and Book Bags

We ask that your child only brings in a book bag and not a rucksack or any other kind of bag as unfortunately they do not fit in their drawers. 

Can we please remind you that we need these in school daily for letters and reading.

RFG and RAK have access to a water fountain so there is no need for an extra water bottle for the classroom.  Children in RHM can bring in a named water bottle but please ensure that this only contains water.

Things to remember:

  • Book bags should come to school every day
  • Named PE kits should remain in school
  • Read at home at least three times a week
  • All clothing should be clearly labelled – including hats and scarves
  • Earrings should only be studs and should not be worn on PE or forest school days.

Please note that we are not allowed to remove earrings or cover them with tape.

  • Please try your best to bring your child into school every day and on time. If you arrive after 8.55 am and the classroom door is shut they will need to come in via the office.
  • Please ensure your child has a coat with them in school every day due to the changes in weather and the Reception outside area always being used.
  • No toys from home are allowed in school.

Forest school

See separate letter