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Sport Premium and PE Report 2017-2018

Sports Premium Impact Report 2017-2018

Area of focus


Intended Outcome

Impact Measured By

Health Program

(For both children & their parents)


Improvements seen in children’s health/knowledge of healthy diets

Year 6 height and weight data – better ranking in obesity league.


External observations – Visitors to the school commented on how fit and healthy our children were looking when we held our summer picnic.


Surveying the children and parents about what they are cooking and eating at home before and after the project.


All parents who attended the healthy cooking workshops said that they had tried at least one of the recipes at home with their children.  They found them quick and easy and will use the recipes in the future.


Specialist coaches for year 6 PE lessons


Year 6 have specialist PE teaching

Number of children selected for competitive teams.


Every child in year 6 attended a competitive event at Deanes.

Specialist coaches to deliver extra-curricular activities for disengaged pupils



Increase in number of children taking part in extra-curricular clubs

Number of disengaged children now involved in sport within the school


A total of 80 children from year 1 to year 6 attended a sports club for the first time!



Sufficient quality to deliver the curriculum and active playtimes/lunchtimes

Survey staff and audit.


We have new equipment on the playground to allow all zones to be as active as possible during playtimes and lunchtimes.  It is topped up regularly as needed.


Teachers have put in requests for any equipment they need for their lessons and a stock of new balls for each sport have been delivered to replace old stock.

CPD for teachers – gymnastics




Staff confident to deliver gymnastics

Surveys before/after CPD


All staff requested a gymnastics CPD as they did not feel confident when delivering this part of the PE curriculum.


All staff confirmed that they felt more confident after the CPD and are now willing to get out apparatus for their lessons!  This has been seen in year 5 and 6 this half term.

Transport to all external competitions


All year 2 & year 6 children have the opportunity to participate in external competitions.

Number of children participating.


Every child in year 2 & 6 attended a competitive event at Deanes.


Subscription to Deanes SSP


Children have access to participate in external competitions.

Children have access to gifted and talented holiday camps.

Staff have access to leadership training and CPD


Registers of children involved

Registers of staff involved


9 children attended a gifted and talented holiday camp.


All staff are offered CPD through their performance management.

Intra-class games


Involve all children across KS2 in positive competition

Involve Sports leaders/sports crew in leading & officiating events

All children across KS2 involved in a variety of sporting events


KS2 children attended annual sports day where they competed in colour teams. 


KS2 children also competed in class v class competitions within their PE lessons.


Sports leaders led competitions on the playground at lunchtimes.


Sports crew helped to lead and officiate KS1 & KS 2 sports days as well as the competitions held within their classes.




Staff Training

-LSA Active Playtimes



All LSAs are trained to lead sports activities on the playground at playtimes and lunchtimes

Number of children who are active on the playground at playtimes and lunchtimes


After LSA training, the playground was zoned to allow maximum activity at playtimes and lunchtimes.  The children are now significantly more active when on the playground – they play football, skip, hopscotch, play with hoops, balls and parachutes.

Specialist to deliver yoga lessons


All year 1 children take part in yoga lessons with a specialist

Number of children confident in yoga.


All year 1 children took part in yoga lessons and have built up their confidence.  They were able to share their expertise in a PE subject assembly.