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 The Management team

  • Mrs Lane
    Mrs Lane Northwick Park Trust CEO Designated safeguarding Lead
  • Miss Gould
    Miss Gould Acting Headteacher
  • Mrs John
    Mrs John Acting Headteacher
  • Mrs Keys
    Mrs Keys Assistant Headteacher Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mrs Clark
    Mrs Clark Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs Brooks
    Mrs Brooks Senco
  • Mrs Cooper
    Mrs Cooper Year 6 Lead Teacher
  • Mrs Griffin
    Mrs Griffin Year 5 Lead Teacher
  • Mrs Corbyn
    Mrs Corbyn Year 4 Lead Teacher
  • Mrs Whiston
    Mrs Whiston Year 3 Lead Teacher
  • Mrs Buckle
    Mrs Buckle Year3 Lead Teacher
  • Mrs Dawkins
    Mrs Dawkins Year 2 Lead Teacher
  • Mr Long
    Mr Long Year 2 Lead Teacher
  • Miss Cramer
    Miss Cramer Year 1 Lead Teacher
  • Mrs Moore
    Mrs Moore Reception Lead Teacher
  • Mrs Harper
    Mrs Harper Office Manager
  • Mrs Cramer
    Mrs Cramer Attendance Officer
  • Mrs Thompson
    Mrs Thompson Busy Bear Manager
  • Mrs Grant
    Mrs Grant Daycare Manager