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Topic/Science Summer 2

Topic Work

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You already know that our topic for this half term is Rivers and Bridges. Here are a few more ideas to progress your learning of this topic.

  1. Research, learn about and understand the different parts and features of rivers. is a very good website to use to support you with this. You might learn about the upper, middle and lower courses of rivers as well as features such as sources, mouths and meanders. Create a glossary of any new words you have learnt with their meanings.
  2. Use your new understanding of rivers to sketch or create your own river. It is entirely your decision how you present this based on what resources you have at home but make sure the features of your river are clearly labelled please.


Here are some ideas for inspiration:


  1. Research different types of bridges, including suspension bridges, cantilever bridges, arch bridges and beam bridges. Use the reading attached to help you. Choose one type of bridge types and present what you have learnt about it in a format of your choice OR draw the type of bridge you have chosen and label it with the features that make it special.





Look on the BBC bitesize website: Read the information and watch the video clips for our topic Light and Shadows. Write down three new things you have learnt!