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Topic/Science Summer 3

Science/ Topic – Farm to Fork


This half term we’re learning about where our food comes from


Activity One

Visit the website

to introduce our new topic ‘Farm to Fork’. Visit Purple Mash and search for farming in the search engine – complete the plants and animal uses activity.

Activity Two

Choose 5 different fruits or vegetables and research how and where they grow. How long does it take them to grow? How many different varieties are there? When can you harvest them? How are they harvested? Do they need any special conditions to grow? Record your research findings in an interesting way e.g. a chart/table, a poster, PowerPoint or leaflet.


Activity Three

Design and make your own fruit smoothie – what ingredients will you choose, and how much of each will you need? Write the recipe, make the smoothie if you are able to and evaluate it. Did you like it? What would you do differently if you made it again.

Plan an advertising campaign for your new smoothie – give it a catchy name, come up with a slogan, design the packaging, create a poster to advertise it or maybe even film your own TV commercial to advertise it. We will look forward to seeing your finished products.