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Topic/Science Summer 3

Year 3 Topic

This half term our topic is ‘Life by the Sea’ and our Science unit is all about plants. This topic looks at the history and geography of our local areas- Southend and Leigh on Sea.

Below are some ideas that you may wish to complete over the next few weeks.


Research the history of Southend Pier and create a fact file.

When was the pier built? How long is the pier? Has anything interesting happened to the pier over the years? Can you tell us an interesting fact?




Create a beach safety poster.

You can look on these websites to help you

What do we need to do to stay safe by the sea?


Create a landscape drawing of Southend Pier at sunset.




Research and write about the RNLI.  Who are they? What do they do? where do they work?


Can you create a science experiment using cress seeds and answering the question- Which cress do you think will grow the best? You will need 4 pots/plastic cups etc with same amount of cotton wool and seeds in each. Predict what you think is going to happen.

        Pot 1 = with water and sunlight

        Pot 2 = with water but no sunlight

        Pot 3 =  with sunlight but no water

        Pot 4=  with no sunlight or water.

After a week look at your cress. Can you tell us what happened? Was you prediction correct?


Draw a picture of each container of cress.

Which container of cress do you think will grow best?

What happened ? Write down your observations

Read about, draw and label the parts of a flower you will need to include the labels: Stem, leaf, roots, petal, sepal, pollen, anther, stigma, style, ovary, ovule, filament. Use this website to help you.

Create a PowerPoint on ‘What a plant needs to survive?’ Write about the functions of each of the parts of the plant.