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Topic/Science Summer 4

Year 4 Topic Work Summer 4, Weeks 3 & 4

Farm to Fork”

Activity One

Research the five food groups and find out what each of them do to keep our bodies healthy. 

You could display what you have found by: 

  • Creating a poster
  • Dividing a paper plate to show food groups
  • Make a power point
  • Make a leaflet on Word


David Mellor Pride Silver Plate Cutlery | Abode New YorkActivity Two

Now that you know so much about food groups, and how they keep us healthy, create a healthy, balanced meal including all food groups.

You can use the attached power point and template to help, or design your own being as creative as you like.



Activity Three

World Food Atlas: Discover 11,062 Local Dishes & Ingredients

Food can vary around the world.  Choose a country and research their popular dishes and cuisines to create a menu for your chosen country. 

Include at least three starters, main meals and desserts.  Remember your menu will need prices, a decorative front cover and pictures of the meals.

Challenge:  Add side dishes to your menu.