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Topic/Science Summer 5




This half term we are still continuing to look at and research about Southend, Leigh on Sea and Canvey Island. Below are some ideas that you may wish to complete over the next few weeks.


  1. Research and create a fact file about the smugglers and pirates that were linked to Leigh on Sea and Canvey Island. What did they smuggle and how? Where did they hide the things they smuggled?


  1. Create a brochure encouraging people to visit Canvey, Leigh on Sea or Southend. What things can you do or see etc? You can use the brochure template attached to help you.




  1. Using a Venn diagram attached can you tell us what similarities and differences there are between Canvey Island and Leigh on Sea? You may need to do some research to help you i.e. they both have a Costa. One group title would be Canvey Island differences and the other Leigh on Sea differences, the section in the middle would be the similarities of both.


  1. Lastly, can you create a timeline of Southend Pier, from the moment it was built to the current day? Log on the timeline any specific events that has happened to it for example when it caught fire.