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Topic/Science Summer 5

Topic work

We hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful weather. We hope you have been able to complete some of the activities we set for ‘How does your garden grow?’.  Have you been able to grow some plants? Are you able to identify some flowers that are growing in your garden or near your house?

We are going to start a new topic that will take us to the end of the school year. It is called ‘Under the Sea’. We hope you enjoy these activities and have fun. If you can think of any other activities we would love to see them.


Activity 1: Write a film review.

Watch a film that has an under the sea theme. Eg Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, Sharks Tale, Moana or the Octonauts on CBeebies.

Watch the film and then write a film review. See the attached film review sheet.


Activity 2: Create a dance/movement for an underwater creature

Go onto Youtube. Type in ‘Under the Sea: Ocean animal moves’

Watch the clip and watch how the creatures move. Do they move slowly? Do they quickly? Do they float? Do they move in a straight line?

Create your own dance or series of movements for your chosen creature. Practise your dance and then ask your parent/carer to film it. You could always add some under the sea music to your film clip.



Activity 3: Create an under the sea collage/artwork

Can you create an underwater scene using a shoebox, paint and paper or make a paper plate jellyfish.



Activity 4 Below

Activity 5: Research sea creature facts

Select an under the sea creature. Can you research facts about the creature? Make a fact file for the creature. Remember to include headings, subheadings, pictures, captions and interesting facts.

You could present your facts in a powerpoint.


Activity 6: Identify the oceans of the World


Use the internet or an Atlas to research the oceans of the world. Can you place them onto a copy of the world map? See attached sheet.

Can you research a fact about each ocean?



Remember to email work to the year 2 teachers. We look forward to seeing your hard work.


Science Experiment


Activity 4: Science: can you investigate salt water density?

Can you investigate what happens to an egg in salt water? See attached sheet for instructions.

Can you complete the science investigation sheet? See attached sheet.